Cold Turkey

Its official I have unplugged myself and gone COLD TURKEY!

I woke up three days ago and the daunting revelation slapped me in the face as I sleepily ; with one eye half opened, checked my twitter, facebook, and email all before moving from the “warm spot” in my bed.  I realized at that moment that I , like a computer, was refreshing myself every chance I got. Hungry to get the latest news, know that the latest trending topic was, and what everyone was doing at that precise moment.  So with bold determination , while I still had it in me, I quickly found myself deactivating my twitter and facebook pages and for once a sense of calm hit me in that moment. There was suddenly no pressure to keep up, to reboot or refresh.

But, like most addictions, one goes through withdrawal. I find myself often going to my phone, now void of my former favorite apps, out of habit. And then of course I remember and with dismay mixed with a will way to stubborn to be defeated by my own silly wants , I press the only major button on my phone and find some other way to occupy the moment.

Have we all become plugged in? Hungry for often meaningless and social information? What do we lose in the process? How much time with ourselves do we deprive ourselves of?

This will not be permanent… but for the mean time I hope to find the answers to those questions.

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  1. Wow…I totally agree with you on this Jasmine…I think the youth of today have all become “plugged in” I really find myself wasting countless hours on facebook and twitter. I still don’t think i could deactivate my accounts. I’d feel like I was cut off from the world.

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