Blue Skirt + Benz Tee

Is it just me, or did fall seem to smack us in the face as soon as labor day was over? LOL. I have to say there are ZERO complaints from this gal. As I have mentioned before , being an October baby, I love the fall.

The changing colors, the cool brisk winds, a little coco, and lets not forget the fashion. As much as I would love to go ahead and start layering jackets and sweaters and picking out elbow length gloves the remnant’s of summers warm influence has not left us completely. So the gradual transition to my fall wardrobe has commenced. First up… pencil skirts.

 This blue pencil skirt is one of my favorites. The soft stretchy material has endured through many (weight) ups and downs and has given me the opportunity to dress it up with a blouse , closed toe pumps, and a sweater or even a blazer or keep it casual like with this look. I love statement pieces that are special occasion only but it is so important to have pieces that are multifunctional and transcends the changing seasons. I have literally had this skirt since high school so I am afraid I don’t remember where I purchased it . Instead check out these gorgeous pencil skirts that are similar.

  • Skirt- [ see similar above]
  • Tee Shirt – Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour T Shirt
  • Shoes – Charlotte Russe
  • Purse-Macy’s
  • Glasses- Aldo


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