Black on Black

When I was in high school I dressed up EVERY SINGLE DAY . And when I say dressed up , I am  talking about high heels , pencil skirts and blouses for work . I was obsessed with corporate fashion and sure showed ! As a result my wardrobe boasted an obscene amount of black, grays, and neutrals for a 16 year old .

I didn’t care — I loved my black . Still do ! It’s my favorite color . Classic , elegant , timeless , a little badass .

What’s not to love ? Anyway , I received and took some good advice by mom to open myself to colors . Which I did !! Quite a bit actually over the years —  but going back to black is always going be a habit worth sticking too .

Fast forward to 2016 , and here I am in a hooded leather jacket and boots from Forever21 feeling fierce intentional walking into the new year in my BLACK  outfit. The year 2016 is ending and my energy is focused and excited to execute my goals for this upcoming  year with ninja like precision . I guess I would call black one of my POWER COLORS . Any  color that naturally makes me feel confident , strong , and passionate when I wear it –  I consider a power color . These are often the colors we go to over and over again during important events and opportunities . So, in honor of all the but kicking we will all do in 2017 — a little black to get in the mood.

What is a color that makes you feel powerful and confident ?

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