Becoming YOU in 2016

Is it me or did the month of November  speed by even faster than October ?( which felt like 1 week instead of 1 month ) .With the countdown to Christmas in effect ,the holiday  and shopping season is  now in full swing! Like most I am busy preparing for the joys of holiday cheer and the excitement of a new year !

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In my house, the end of the year means holiday music  – cues Mariah Carey Christmas Album -, comfy sweaters, and the obligatory new year goal list making. I know, how cliche’- end of the year , time to make resolutions right ?

Girl, please!! You better get your goal making on!

Every and any day is the perfect time to align personal goals and to outline your future success, be it on New Years Eve, every Sunday afternoon , or  smack in the middle of summer. Personally,  I never turn down an opportunity to reflect on my experiences and come up with new ways and systems to become better . I encourage you all join me and do the same. 

In typical type A  personality fashion , my end of the year to do lists and 2016 goal making began a month ago. I feel the most important part of this process is the reflection.

Take a look at your year ….See what worked and what didn’t. Sometimes you may be surprised and pleased. I found an old goal list from last year and with out realizing it, I accomplished almost all of those goals . That made me feel pretty awesome !! You may be closer to your dreams than you think.

It is easy to make goals… and sometimes even easy to check items off of your to do list , but the trick to exponential and consistent growth is understanding WHY . The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of both your failures and successes are the keys to your growth. 

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2015 accomplished goal : START MY BLOG

To say it has been a dream of mine ,in some capacity, to have a blog is an understatement. Both writing and fashion have always been an integral part of who I am but it took the loving nudges and pushes from family and friends to prompt me to step out of my fear and get started. It was these friends and family I consulted on design, ideas, and brand strategy.  I am so thankful for those of you who have decided to take this journey with me  and supported the growth in 2015!

What worked in 2015: Strong Circle

Having family and friends that not only know your strengths and weaknesses but also love you enough to encourage you to pursue your dreams is more than a blessing. With the Thanksgiving holiday still in our rearview mirrors, I can truly say these individuals are at the top of my “Thankful List”. As I shared my ideas and ventures with those around me I was lovingly surrounded with suggestions, advice, and even contacts that were able to help me further my vision. Good advice is hard to come by , so be mindful to seek guidance from those successful and experienced around you .


In 2016…

In 2016 I look forward to defining my brand and establishing a better relationship with all of my fabulous readers. is a platform of me to share the ways I come closer to becoming my best self  and share my story during your journey to Becoming You.  Expanding and strengthening my circle in 2016 means going outside of those around me and seeking education and guidance elsewhere. One of my favorite ways to get quick and FREE inspiration is through podcasts and webinars. 

Find a professional in the topic/industry of your liking to offer motivation, education, and even life coaching. I currently CANNOT live without my Mattieologie podcasts. Mattie provides amazing tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Her page was a recommendation from a friend ( see… my circle keeps the good advice coming )and Im passing on the good karma.

Be sure to go visit and check out her podcasts. I promise, you will thank me. There are so many resources you can use to get information and educate yourself, you just have to be proactive about looking for the information. And if your looking for dope fashion too.. she has you covered ! Total #girlbosscrush!

As the year winds down, tap into your inner #boss and take a look at the people around you, your successes from 2015, and your goals for 2016 !  A little reflection and planning and 2016 will be yours for the conquering .

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