Affirmation Station

 Last week I touched on the power of keeping positive energy in and around your life. And then I started to notice….

Inspirational messages and saying are being printed on EVERYTHING!

Mugs, shirts, and notepads ; even phone cases… you name it. It has probably been done.

But why are these pretty little items on the desk, IG, and rooms of our favorite and most powerful bloggers and entrepreneurs?

Affirmation; or emotional encouragement- is a big key to the development of self-confidence. The nurturing of this confidence should be part of your daily routine, yet as a society we are often told our emotional development and confidence begins when you are a toddler and ends in adolescence.

Like a muscle, our self-esteem needs to be exercised consistently to grow and be healthy and strong. When you feel confident about your talents passions, and over all self ; you are more likely to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. And you may inspire a few while doing so with your positive attitude.

Creating a space of visual affirmation, or what I call my affirmation station is a great way to remind your self to stay positive everyday. Check out some ways you can create visual affirmation in your own life on my Pinterest board !


Building self-confidence is a big part of my story of becoming. The confidence it takes to be unapologetically YOU is in all of us !

What ways do you affirm yourself to accomplish a goal or motivate your day ?


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