Hi, I’m Marjani!


Welcome to my little corner of the Internet carved out to be a safe space for myself and others to realize and harness their inner magic.


While you are building the life of your dreams, do you know WHO you are becoming in the process?This blog is to provide you with the tools for life ‘ in the mean time’ by asking you to look inward for the happiness you seek and unleash your talents and passions out onto the world. Sharing pieces of my world through both personal development and lifestyle content, I hope to inspire you to create a balanced and well rounded life that truly makes you your boldest, happiest, best self.



“Find Your Happiness . Live Your Truth . Become You.”


People tell you to live your truth everyday … “pursue your passions!”  they shout …..”be yourself!” ,they proclaim. But no one says how- or what that even means.

How do you unlock the inner desires of your heart and live unapologetically?

How do you step out on faith on to create your dream life?

My story is like many; a millennial filled with passion , talent , and a burning desire to change the world — trying to find, design, and express themselves in a society that often teaches the opposite; a society that pushes conformity.

I feel so inspired to live my life in a state of #becoming — consistently evolving and working towards a better stronger and happier version of myself.

This is a lifestyle blog about creating a life you love. One of purpose . This blog aims to help you become your most authentic self, walk in your purpose , and thrive through your life’s journey.


Life is an exploratory journey of oneself. The closer we get to our authentic being the closer we get to self mastery , giving us power over the trajectory of our lives.



I am writing my story — a millennial women who seeks to help other millennials discover and BECOME their best selves through personal development and self care practices. My passion to write this blog is fueled by the personal power we all possess and the idea of changing the world by helping people discover and harness  their individual power to create a life they are proud of .

This is my story of becoming. Whats your story?



Becoming You is a personal development brand that gets down to the real about the journey of becoming your best selves. Yes, the struggle and all that comes with striving to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. This space strives to inspire others to understand who they are and what they truly desire out of life. Live unapologetically and with passion to utilize your gifts and talents. No matter what that gift may be.

Learn to :

Break bad habits
Master your mindset
Gain confidence in your physical emotional and spiritual self
Experience clarity in your goals and life direction
Outline Hit and execute goals you set to achieve
Become a better stronger and happier version of your current self
Change and form good habits

You are a work in progress. These are the tools for building and creating your best life.

Are you ready to transform your mindset and create your own happiness? Take the steps towards passionate and intentional living.