a ‘lil compassion


 It is the start of yet another awesome week and I am juggling a bunch!!  With multiple projects for my business, blog, and work on my plate, I find myself intensely creating individual to do lists in order to manage each project- with out missing any important details.

While juggling projects with an attention to detail is a helpful skill to successful goal execution– getting right down to it, I can be a BIT of a perfectionist.

Does anyone else have this gift of an affliction? Anyone who has these tendencies knows first hand that there is a bit of trash talk that goes on inside of our heads when we approach obstacles or make mistakes.

We can all be our worst critics sometimes. It is so easy in the process of trying to be your best, that we forget to be compassionate and patient with ourselves. In doing this we become OUR own source of negativity in our lives.


Imagine that…your worst bully … is YOU!

An example in my own life—

I am the ‘queen’ of telling others not to overwork their bodies, to rest, and treat themselves well. Yet I have been an “over worker” my entire life. I have had a difficult time in the past sitting and being still – even if my body advises me to do otherwise.

I tend to ignore my own physical/emotional feelings- internally telling myself to tough it out , be strong, not wimp out. It is easy to be less compassionate and caring to yourself when you are focused on developing a dream. Having a ‘ tunnel vision’ approach to success can lead you to ignore key signs and lessons on your journey to accomplishing your goals. It is important to understand that success in any form – relationship, business, and success of self – comes from developing a holistic approach to growing your body mind and personal energies.

Learning that success is a mind frame long before there are any physical manifestations. To be successful your attitude of self has to be one of positivity and empowerment. Speaking life and positivity in yourself EVEN and ESPECIALLY in the face of bad situations WILL transform your out look on life.


I challenge you to speak positivity confidence and empowerment into yourself this week.

One of my favorite new ways to affirm peace in my own mind is to reflect in silence for 15 minutes a day. It’s not long but it allows a block of time for me to slow down and step away from my to-do lists and projects doubts worries and stresses and tell myself .

I can handle what’s in front of me.

I am capable.

I am worthy of success.

I am going to dominate today.

I am embracing the idea of spending time with myself to quiet my mind and my thought. Overwhelming your mind with work, physical stress, and negative thoughts are sure to affect the positive energy to are trying to maintain in your life. These are the toxic feelings that people hold on to throughout the day grumpily spreading their negative vibes to everyone they meet.

Don’t be that person. Feeling good starts with you. It starts with nice words to yourself, affirmations, and a positive outlook in negative situations. That is the attitude of not only success—but also true freedom.

What are some ways that you affirm and encourage yourself in your daily life? How has a lil compassion and affirmation affected your life?


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