Combination Skin Regiment with Jan Marini

This post is sponsored by Jan Marini and BrandBacker. I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own and based on my individual experience with the product.



Anyone notice my skin care regimen is getting pretty dope lately?


I used to be a pretty simple girl when it comes to my beauty routine. I guess in a sense I still am technically. I have a pretty sensitive skin so I try to minimize the amount of products that I use on my face because it tends to make me break out. But since I have begun to try products with natural ingredients ,I have found that the right products have a profound difference on the care and health of your skin.

Jan Marini is a skin and beauty brands that specializes in skin research, which they are celebrating 23 years of doing in 2017. this award winning skincare brand focuses on not only maintaining healthy skin but preventing scarring poor health and the effects of aging proactively. I love this product line because it’s for women of all ages. I genuinely saw some products on the site that would be great for myself, my mom, and my grandma.




Clean Zyme

The way your normal facial scrub because this cleanser is going to do the work of a mild exfoliants and your best facial cleanser. Use as the regular cleanser in your skin care regimen by applying to the face with a damp cloth’s or your fingers. I wrote this product in for about 1 1/2 minutes, the directions on the bottle say 1 to 2 minutes. There was no strong tingling or menthol type field to the product which I was really excited about because I find that really strong products tend to be very agitating for sensitive skin like mine.

When it comes to skin cleansers I tend to be a little bit skeptical because I’ve always used African black soap which pulls the dirt out of your pores. So, I have often found that when cleansers leave when we finish on your skin I break out and I feel dirty. The skin zyme cleanser however left my skin feeling fresh without a residue, but I also did not feel that generally experience in some of my dryer spots with the African black soap. This seems like a really great product for combination skin.


Skin Zyme

The Skin Zyme product is a mask that also helps to brighten your face by rejuvenating and revealing healthy skin cells on your face. I’m trying this product is like putting on a Thicker moisturizer except you do not leave the product on for more than 20 minutes. I applied the mask in a circular motion with my fingers and then let it sit on my face for about 20 minutes. Once again there was no tingling or burning sensations on my face which is always a good sign for those of us who break out. After 20 minutes I removed the product by splashing water on my face, As the directions say on the bottle. Blot your face with a soft face cloth gently when done





So you may have noticed by now I really enjoy this product. I am getting more comfortable trying products on my face and Jan Marini really helps me feel confident about products on the market for girls with combination oily dry and sensitive skin. I definitely recommend trying this product line. It would also make a great gift before the holiday season as the site allows you to shop for products by beauty concern or skin type . There’s some really great anti-aging products as well that might be great gifts for the beauty guru mom or grandma in your life.




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