9 Powerful Confidence Boosting Affirmations

style icon If you have joined in on the 30 Day Happiness Challenge I  started  earlier this month then you know yesterdays challenge was all about affirmation!   Having positive power statements in your line of sight is important for subconscious positive reinforcement and major confidence boosting .

Another major key component to the magic of affirmations is SAYING IT !

There is major power in our thoughts which we can use visual affirmation to work on throughout our day but there is even more power in our words. When we speak ;we claim a statement to be true, in that moment it becomes real. It creates its own energy .

For example. If you wake up and say

” Ugh- I am in a crappy mood and I am just NOT for dealing with anyone today “ ( we have ALL had these days ) you are setting the tone for your day . You have claimed and created real energy that shapes how the rest of your day will go.

Now, take the same morning , same crappy feeling- but instead of noting the bad feeling what if you took 3 minutes to look in the mirror . Breathe look at yourself and claim your good day .

” I woke up a little groggy but today will be a great day . I am going to gain energy and reset my energies and start the day in my favorite jeans that make me feel like Beyonce! I am going to accomplish my goal to complete my upcoming project “

The difference? You have now claimed victory, set a positive tone for your day , and opened yourself up to more positive energy entering your life . Also, in doing so you were able to transfer your negative energy from the first statement to productive energy in the second. You have created a goal and a plan to reclaim your day and the energies it is comprised of !

Good for you! I literally cannot live without giving myself some SERIOUS pep talks through out the day . Hey … #Adulting is hard sometimes. Check out some affirmations that are sure to increase your feeling of power and over all confidence to take on your day .









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What ways do you empower yourself to be more confident? Are affirmations apart of your daily routine? Do you place them around your house? Maybe have an awesome affirmation on your alarm note? Share some of your favorite power statements and affirmations in the comment section!


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