Becoming Self Aware : How To Learn & Love Yourself

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Last year, I conducted an experiment with myself. I was going through a cycle of being SUPER unproductive with my blog. I would come home from my 9-5 and somewhere between dinner and bed I was finding myself with an untouched to do list, a ton of guilt , and overwhelming desire to want to grow as a blogger and entrepreneur.

The truth was I was stuck , and I felt helpless.


So after about two weeks of TRYING , making excuses, and very slow progress on goals I had clearly outlined myself – I had to sit back and take a moment to see where the problems were. Where did I need improvement — why was I unable to get to the next step ?


After taking stock of a few of my MAJOR distractions and self imposed hurdles . I made the decision to remove one GIGANTIC distraction from my life to eliminate the things I allowed myself to inhibit me . Including removing my tv from my bedroom . ( Mario was not the happiest about this ) Read more about what happened when I stopped watching TV in bed and how it changed everything .

When I took a step back and looked within myself,  I found the answers to my problems were with me and was able to make changes to improve.

Self awareness provides a path to success where there seems to be none, it can create clarity and answers for those who are lost . The difference between the moments in which I could not stay productive and get things done and actually knocking off things on my to do list  was that I was in a mindset of self awareness. I was more aware of WHY I was not succeeding. It is with this level of awareness that helps you feel empowered to change the conditions of your life.


What is awareness?


By far one of the most important and powerful tools we can develop as individuals  is self awareness. On the path to self mastery and your personal journey of becoming ; the more you understand about yourself the better equipped your are to take on challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.


What that means is … you can finally understand the WHY and HOW of events that transpire in your life. Not only will self awareness give you clarity and greater control over your own personal emotions and actions ( self mastery) but it will also give you better insight into why others behave the way they do .


Self awareness is the ability to openly and honestly examine and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Practicing awareness requires the ability to be mindful and present when observing and examining our own thoughts and actions; as well as the actions of others.

Why is it important ?


Have you ever met a self absorbed, rude, or disrespectful person who seemed to have absolutely NO clue or care in the world that they ruffle the feathers of EVERYONE they meet? Or people who seem to make the same mistakes over and over again, and seem to be in denial of their own role ? Or even the well intentioned but totally clueless individual who doesn’t realize their actions have an affect on others?


Yeah sometimes a lack of self awareness can manifest in some HELLA annoying traits , ruining personal relationships with others. But it can also be far more dangerous to who you are as an individual and your personal experiences than one may think.


Lacking self awareness, is like running a race blindfolded … on a road you have never been on and never seen. Oh ! … and there are snakes, and potholes, and branches in the way the whole time. Self awareness is clarity and understanding of ourselves that helps us avoid certain pitfalls that may be right in front of us , but remember you can’t see with your eyes closed.

Life is NOT better when you live in ignorance of your strengths and weakness. Ignorance ain’t bliss .

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We are in month 3 of 12 in 2017 , the Year of Mindfulness. As we dive into the principles of awareness over the next 30 days I invite encourage you to embrace self exploration, mindfulness, and clarity of self.


Why ? Well check out 7 amazing ways the practices of awareness will totally transform your year and improve your life.


Self awareness

  • Improves self confidence
  • Greatly strengthens personal relationships
  • Leads to more intentional and prudent decision making
  • Improves the quality of friendships and inner circle
  • Identify and Overcome Fears that are holding you back
  • Creates an overall sense of peace and understanding of one’s self
  • Teaches you to think and act with empathy and compassion.


So now you know, sometimes we all need to dig deeper and learn ourselves to become a better version of ourselves. Do you think that you are a self aware person? What areas of your life and self do you want to learn or understand more about ? I want to hear from you , leave your awareness stories in the comments below!





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