Dr Miracle’s Miracle Repair Review

 This post is sponsored by Dr. Miracle’s . All views below are the sole and honest opinion of Marjani Aladin .
Every year without fail I find myself in desperate need of some hair TLC at the end of summer . Blow dry , flat iron , high buns, and braids… Summer styling ( although tons of fun) puts a serious strain on my hair . As a result , it has become a tradition to find new products to help revive my hair for the fall. I need these locks to be strong healthy and lustrous for some serious fall breeze action and hair flipping. ( Beyoncé winds are the best in fall )


Dr. Miracle’s 60 years of producing amazing hair products did not stop in 2015. The three step repair system is amazing .

The transparent boxed set contains 3 purple packets labeled easily to walk you through the steps to better stronger hair . With the jam- packed moisturizing trio ( Coconut Oil, Shea, Olive Oil)  provided in this three step intensive treatment damage from heat, color, and relaxers will be turned back and your hair will be on the path to restoration and full health .

Step 1 : Replenish

Step One of the Miracle Repair System is all about getting your hair clean without the harshness of a lather from the sulphates  within that could dry out your scalp and hair . A gentle clean preps your hair to absorb all of the moisture coming it’s way in steps 2 and 3.

After step one it was clear to see I was in store for some major ( and much needed) moisture. My hair did not feel dry or waxy with this shampoo, instead my hair felt softer after months of extreme heat abuse .
Step 2 : Rebuild

The DuoCare Reconstructor is all about getting deep within the strands of your hair to strengthen from deep within. My hair LOVES a good moisture treatment so I let this sit in my hair for about 25 minutes under a cap. Bring on strong healthy hair baby ! …. Can you tell I’m excited about my results? *spoiler alert *

Rinse your hair with cool water , this also helps your hair lock in the shine for styling .

After 25 minutes of conditioning my hair felt thicker and softer  . I attribute that feeling to being newly moisturized and not dry as before . My ends regained their curly bounce , and hair I thought would have to be trimmed was actually still in great shape ! Who would have known!?

Step 3 : Renew

Traditional hair systems are two steps , wash and condition, but this third step is the key to my successful experience with the system . The Intensive Moisturizing Masque restored balance and is packed with the natural ingredients for beautiful hair .

This step in the process is where you can really feel the difference the Miracle Repair makes in your hair . As I gently detangled my hair I could feel thick voluminous hair that was not shedding while I took down any leftover tangles. Soft , thicker, and not to mention shiny hair was my ultimate goal and Dr.Miracle’s  Miracle Care surely did not disappoint in getting the job done .

Simply apply to hair and leave in for 10 minutes and voilà  ! Rinse with cool water for maximum results .

My hair feels restored after a summer full of heat . The best part? This three step system is an amazing $5.99 on the Dr.Miracle’s site .

Yes $5.99!!… Restored , moisturized, shiny hair for 6 dollars for both relaxed and natural textures ! Love this three step system !

Check out the Dr. Miracle’s hair care line for more products and information on the Miracle Repair System.

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