6 Skincare Lessons That Will Change Your Life



I am a believer that life has lessons tucked into secret and unexpected areas of our lives if we pay attention.

Last year, I began a new journey. One where I tried to put my girl pants on and actually develop a skin care routine. I wanted flawless gorgeous, no filter needed skin ; and my very basic and inconsistent soap and any moisturizer “routine; was not giving me that. So, on my journey I went, researching and evaluating new moisturizers, toners, cleaners, oils, and masks. And it’s been interesting … some good and bad. But little did I know this skin-adventure I embarked on had more than beauty lessons wrapped up within in it. I learned skincare, is a lot like life.

This space is all about what it means, takes, and feels like to create and become your best self. The process of becoming. So it is often that I find meaning and value in moments in nature, daily experiences, or like today … the process of trying to better my skin. During a moment of reflection, in the shower – because that where all good ideas form.

6 life lessons my skincare journey taught me about becoming by best self.

….and the products that inspired them


1- Trust The Process

The hardest part of change is departing from what is familiar or comfortable. Uncertainty can be daunting. Whether that means beginning a new skincare routine and knowing you MAY have to walk around with some bumps while you find the perfect products that work for your face. Or, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone to establish a new habit, take on a new project or career, or just seek out personal growth in general.

It’s all scary. But trusting the process from the beginning (the highs and lows that are bound to happen, no matter the journey) will help lessen the anxiety around your uncertainty.

Trusting the process means simply understanding that with growth; comes discomfort, challenges, and sacrifices. This is because you must evolve into the best version of yourself and that requires shedding the things that are currently holding you back from being that person. Know that it’s worth the journey and impossible without the process.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as humans is forgetting we are a part of nature. We are not outside the laws and patterns of anything else on this planet. We are subject to the same processes, needs, and circumstances to thrive and grow as everything else in nature. Let’s talk about processes.  If you look at nature and how any and everything exists nothing just happens. Nothing shifts from one state to another without a process. Mountains don’t simply exist they are formed through erosion. Flowers don’t simply pop out of the ground. They grow from a root unseen unless unearthed. A caterpillar does not simply become it undergoes the process of metamorphosis in a cocoon until it has fully transformed or evolved into its butterfly form. And we cannot become, without the process.What that process entails on a detailed level will differ for every person. Your process is exclusive to you because you have your own set of beliefs, insecurities, goals, strength’s, and purpose than the next person. So you cannot compare. Your process for becoming happier, smarter, freer… are journeys exclusive to you. But mandatory experiences for everyone. So if you find yourself anxious in the space you are in, remember – you are one with nature. A like nature you are undoing your transformation, your moment of erosion, your metamorphosis. Your process. Don’t fight it. Embrace it.


2- Purge The Bad


I used to wear a full face of makeup every SINGLE day.

I used to eat constant junk food and sugary sweets. I loved my soda and juices.  But, as we all know these are not the ingredients for healthy glowing skin.  And so, I had to cut out the toxic habits in my life that were keeping me from living my best skincare life.

The same rings true for your self-evolution. You cannot take your bad habits and limiting beliefs with you into your new space. They can’t come sis. Let them go. Breaking bad habits, separating from toxic relationships, saying no to activities that promote a mindset contrary to who you are becoming – it’s all a part of that process.  This is the detoxification period. And just like a clay mask you are going to have to pull out the gunk clogging up your (spiritual) pores.

One of areas that we try to cheat the process is where we must sacrifice. But the very thing you are holding on to is the very thing keeping you from elevating to the next level.

Kind of like me and soda…

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3- Put In Good


Nothing grows without nourishment and love; when it comes to your skin, that means eating healthy foods, lots of water and products that boost your overall skin health .

When it comes to growing and becoming out best selves, it means loving yourself, surrounding yourself with people who encourage your growth and happiness, growing your mind with knowledge and mindfulness and more.  When we look to change ourselves and become better, removing “the bad” is not enough to breathe a new life into which we are to become. You must now fill your mind and spirit with practices, knowledge, and beliefs that promote the growth and evolution of your current self into your best self.

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4- Change Your Perception


Often there is a point on any journey, when we realize our goal or perception of something is off. When I started my skin care journey, my goals was simply to have smooth skin to wear makeup over. I was not specifically focused on skin health rather the aesthetic.

I mean let’s be honest; no one wants bumps under their beat face! I simply wanted smooth skin. But as I started to pay attention I started to get granular about my skincare goals. I started going bare faced and saw the REAL things I wanted to improve. I shifted my focus to what truly makes me feel beautiful versus what I am “supposed” to look like.

When we focus on the REAL things necessary to grow us individuals we fall into alignment with our purpose faster. This is a process of introspection and self-awareness. During your process, be open to shifts of your ideas and goals because as you grow and develop your goals should reflect that new mindset.

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5- Love Yourself


In all things be kind to yourself. Love yourself in the space you are now. Perfect flawless skin won’t cure the fact that you are insecure. So realize that working on loving yourself WHILE you work to become your best self is EQUALLY important.

Know that you are worthy of love, respect, growth, and happiness just as you are now. This is self-love. This is how you grow.  Have you ever heard that a plant grows with loving words? Or seen a child that flourishes in their talents because of family support? Love grows things.

So grow yourself, your talents, and your purpose with self-love.

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6- Grow – Glow


The best part of the process is when you start to see results. It’s like a second wind hits you and you are motivated to keep up the process. Hold on to this feeling and use it to keep leveling up and growing.





Because I believe we are so closely connected to nature, I search for messages in how the natural world operates for clues on how to flow through life. This skincare journey was an interesting process to experience and then reflect on because it was something so simple and seemingly physical that resulting in a beautiful metaphor on the process of becoming.

On the Beauty Tip:

If you want to see some of the other beauty products I have tried over the past year check below for some links and I will be sharing more of my experiences in the coming weeks. Be sure to also follow me on instagram! I share beauty tips and products on my stories as well. 

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