6 Questions To Reveal Your Purpose

Find your passion.

Discover Your Purpose.

Become You .


That’s the motto. Right ?


We get a lot of inspirational content and phrases thrown at us but somehow we can still feel lost when it comes to actually identifying what our purpose and passion are how do we develop that which we don’t know truly exist?


We are all on a journey of purpose, constantly trying to connect an amplified a strong feeling that we are capable of great and powerful thing. Sometimes it seems like it’s an unshakable feeling….. The desire to be and become more than you currently are. The aching feeling inside  leading you towards you purpose can  feel overpowering and confusing when you don’t have a starting point ? It can be hard to know where to begin.


The common question seems to be ;

What am I supposed to do with my life ? How do I know what the right path is for me ?


The answers to those questions exist within you and ironically enough can be found with some further questioning of your own. ( I always say keep asking questions until you find the truth — this applies doubly to yourself ) With insight into what makes you feel empowered, utilizes skills or talents, and what brings authentic happiness in your life you can better understand what a fulfilling life looks like for you . Self awareness gives us understand of self which therefore creates power over our lives. It is the foundation of self mastery and true personal freedom from your anxieties, bad habits, and emotions through conscious understanding of your feelings and motives.


Self awareness gives us understand of self which therefore creates power over our lives.


In order to cultivate your gifts properly you must first identify where you are strong, passionate, gifted, and even curious. Awareness of self can be strengthened through practices and exercises that provides insight into areas of our life that we may have on autopilot. And where there is auto pilot there is a lack of intentional control and action. This mode actually detracts from your level of personal awareness and mindfulness by creating a disconnected mindset .


#BecomingAware helps to  lift the veil of confusion in our lives and creates clarity into the WHY behind the things we do, where our motivations come from, and where our true power exists.  Regaining that control and taking ownership can be as simple as asking yourself a series of questions that will cause you to think and challenger ideas for your life. This method will help you find your authentic passions and gifts.


If you are feeling stuck my feel like your life is moving in a direction other than what the fulfills you, ask yourself the following questions to help re-connect to your motivations and talents.


1- What do I do without thinking ? What activities feel natural and easy or fun to me


2- What activities do I volunteer to do?


3- What activities would I continue to do even if I never received praise acknowledgment or promotion?


4- What talents do I sign the most while using? What activities make me feel powerful?


5- What do people call on me to help them with ? What secret superpower do people always ask for my assistance?


6-What makes me feel proud of myself ? What activities make me feel the most like myself?


Take some time to sit with these questions. You may not have clear answers for it all it at once but be sure to come back to the question. As you ask the questions you will start to search for the answers you don’t already have and gain clarity on what life you want to lead.

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