There’s a Cap For That

Sometimes I’m lazy — yup – I admit . There are days I don’t just want to deal with doing my hair. It’s a lot sometimes ! I know that  you know what I mean-

A girl gets tired , or sometimes you don’t have enough time or — you know , whatever excuse I find, like just not feeling like it . Thanks goodness that during these moments the fashion gods have gifted us cute and fashionable hats and caps that complete (or completely take over- like this look here ) your look while minimizing the hot mess in your messy hair .

I personally am a huge fan of caps . Baseball caps , grandpa or dad hats — whatever you would like to call them . I love them ! A bent brim and a cool sweater and I am a happy camper . You don’t have to dress casually just because you’re wearing a hat – experiment with textures and colors to add a casual vibe to a dressier look (see here)

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Bad hair days are kind of a thing if the past with these bad boys. If my hair is suffering from a slight poofiness in the roots that is a little unmanageable I like to run some product in my hair, throw a cap on and wear loose curls using my wand . ( yes like magic- see the look here)  On other days I’m all for a low messy bun . The key to rocking your hair in a low bun is keeping it loose and unstructured- it doesn’t need to be perfect . If you are going for a sportier look – pull your hair back into a ponytail and through the open area in the back of the cap . I love to amp up the volume of my ponytail by using a bit of Aussie hair spray after styling.

TIP : Don’t forget the SHINE ! Shiny hair is so beautiful !When you style your hair use a product of your choice to enhance shine in your ponytail or bun.

Happy Hat Hunting !

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