5 Zones of Self Care x Boohoo

There is nothing more important than loving yourself.
There is absolutely nothing more important than loving yourself.
These words seem like common sense right? So why is it that so many of us neglect  what seems to be a well-known fact. Self-love is important, self-love is necessary.

Self-love is not something that can be handled in a Band-Aid type fashion.

What that means is you can’t neglect your spiritual emotional mental and physical self care and think that one facemask from Sephora is going to change everything. It will not.

Last month boohoo reached out to me to be a part of their #DoYourThing Campaign  Highlighting the importance of self-care in today society. Self-care is so powerful because it means more than going shopping for the perfect dress or going to the spa.

That’s not to say shopping and spa time doesn’t help … it usually runs deeper than that though … Sometimes it can be dressing for yourself so that gives you the confidence to do something new, that is self-care. Kind of like this gorgeous dress boosted my confidence when I wore it even though I struggle with body confidence. I chose what made me feel good.

This is self care!

Loving yourself means taking the time intentionally to pay attention to the important part of what makes it balanced happy successful and helps you to perform at your best.

The truth is, contrary to what tv and movies will tell you self-care requires more than you can buy at the store. True self care requires an intentional look at your physical, spiritual, emotional, relationship, and mental health. These are the five zones of self-care. You can check out my video with boohoo sharing these five zones in depth and why each of them are important to your success as a person.

In this society we tend to put a lot of focus on the physical part of self-care. The facemasks, the consistent gym visits, going to the doctor even…  

But what about the books we read? The relationships and friendships we decide to be a part of. What about the podcast and the educational materials we put into ourselves every day? Are you feeding the wholeness of your best self or are you skipping spiritual and mental care — and doing the bare minimum requirements for survival ?

When we talk about becoming our best selves it does not mean just being able to survive the process of our day. It means to thrive in a way that grows and expands us to reach our potential past the point that we currently are. You cannot become smarter and more educated without spending time reading and listening to those who are well-versed in those topics. You cannot feel emotionally balanced and supported in toxic relationships if you continue to be a part of them. You will struggle with peace in your own heart if you do not focus on self awareness and are intentional about your spiritual health.

Self care sometimes means breaking up from toxic mindsets. This week I have challenged my audience and I extend this challenge to you, to release ideas of perfection and truly love your self and all of the ways. This is a form of self-care. Loving yourself holy without judgment is powerful. How will you love yourself this week?

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