5 Ways to Have a More Productive Day

 I am on a productivity kick !

–with Monday in my dust and a days todo list in the trash I am feeling ultra empowered to make Tuesday just as great. 

I wish everyday was as killer a Monday as yesterday’s was – we all have days that we just CANNOT seem to get our bearings. Having an unproductive day can be a bit of an ego-deflater when you have strong motives to tackle something. But fear not !!

IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE.The best thing to do is reset when you are feeling off track.

Try to remember a few key tricks to help boost those productivity levels.

How to Be More Productive

Prep the Night Before

Get Your clothes out – figure out what your hair style will be and pick out tie jewelry – pack your bag for the next day – lay out your to do list in a visible location- WHATEVER will make your morning the easiest in the morning ! 

Get it done the night before

That way your mornings are easy and stress free. 

You will find that most of your morning energy, brain power, and time can be preserved with just 30 minutes of prep time the night before . 

Start Your Day Prepared & Prioritized

Nothing gets my day on track faster than starting with a prepared todo list. Part of my night time prep includes a To do list audit – Which is my process of going through the to do list of the day previous and seeing what was/ was not accomplished . Making notes – adjusting my schedule according to what needs to get done etc.

This process allows you the pride filling  task of crossing off completed tasks, reprioritizing old to do’s for the next day, and of course adding any new to dos that may have come your way. Rewriting my todo list allows me a clean slate for the next day and I can highlight or make notes to remember for quick reference. 

Start your day with a to do list – and do your self a favor. Take the 10-15 minutes the night before to plan your day. This will help you combat the feeling of being overwhelmed throughout the day. If you start to get off track – take a five minute break then refer to your to do list for guidance on what is most important to accomplish for the day. 

This daily audit takes so much stress out of my day !

Utilize Your Down Time

The phrase “ You have the same 24 hours in the day as Beyonce “ has never proven to be more true. We all have the same time in the day as the next person, so how do some people seem to get more done than others?

Good time management! How you use the time in your day is so important.  One of my favorite bloggers Mattie of Mattieologie.com spoke about “ deposit hours ”  during one of her AMAZING webinars. 

 ** If you get a chance to attend one of her free courses or sign up for her course— do so ASAP**  

The idea is that there are no ‘down times’ throughout the day , the 10-20 minutes here and there we use to scroll through IG or window shop online are prime opportunities to take care of small tasks for our businesses, family, or just personal lives. 

Tasks like returning a quick phone call, checking and responding to emails, or getting your 20 minute run in . Utilizing these “deposit hours” will start to add up. I am able to concentrate on more time consuming tasks and complete them fully without feeling the need to try and multi- task. 

Multitasking has a negative effect on productivity. 

Feed Yourself

Feeding your body with healthy foods and water will increase your ability to concentrate – this is important. But there are other important ways to feed yourself that will help keep your focused and motivated throughout the day . 

Feed your mind –  Just like your body the mind needs nutrition . Chewing on some new piece of information throughout the day can not only teach you a new thing or two but also spark creative ideas in different areas . A good book , new article, or even a webinar from your favorite industry expert are all great sources of intellectual inspiration. 

One of my favorite tools is Periscope. I can tune in live to my favorite influencers, motivational speakers, and speeches throughout the day if I am able to pop one head phone in during work. Or I am able to catch the replay on my drive home from work with a quick plug into the AUX chord in the car.

One of my favorite scopers is Gretchen Barocio – she the creator of Thegirlpreneur . Her periscopes are full of dynamic insight on everything from balancing your personal life and a developing brand  to how to publish a book ! Check her IG out .

Feed your spirit – There are many ways to do this. And for everyone its different. Maybe you read your religious good book of choice, reflect in your journal, read a self help book, or meditate every morning, How ever you do it – make sure you are taking time to make sure your spirit and energies are as peaceful and calm as possible. We often go through the day picking up  the 

Rest & Recharge

Working hard and being productive is the BOMB.com. And CONGRATS to those of you taking the necessary steps or have an interest in becoming more productive. 

Good work ethic comes easy to me , by way of my parents and family influence ( thanks guys !) , but learning when to take a break from your work is just as important. There is a necessity to balance . I have personally been the girl that has had my body shut down completely when I was not eating and sleeping properly, and it affected my work. 

Your body is a tool that you must use everyday to get you closer to your goals and live your life. Don’t mistreat it — give it rest. Sleep allows your brain time to decompress,  process the days events, and recharge your body and mind for the day ahead. 

Give your self time to think alone, spend time with friends family, workout — whatever makes you feel recharged and relaxed. 

All work and no play – is no way to live the ONE life that you have. 

How do you keep your self on track with goals and tasks through out the day ?

Hashtag  #becomingu with photos of ways you stay on track throughout the week . Do these methods work for you ?


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  1. Great tips! Sometimes it’s tough to be productive when you leave everything until the morning. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

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