4 Reasons You’re Always Late



If you have a complicated relationship with time, deadlines, and getting things done ….

This one is for you.



Let’s face it, as important as timeliness is MOST people are not good planners. We wait until the last minute to prepare for things, we push ourselves into time crunches, or we just overall WING IT * you brave brave souls*

Not to say spontaneity isn’t good for you, it is…. but living life against the buzzer can manifest in some terrible habits like forgetting things you really need, rushing through important projects , and overall not doing or being your best when it counts.

Being late is stressful and awkward.

Showing up to work or outings twenty minutes late on a bad traffic day doesn’t mean you have a bad relationship with time. Doing it consistently, may mean you should relook how plan your morning so you can leave earlier.The same adjustments to our day can be applied for those who procrastinate projects or forget to complete tasks. Most of us forget to be purposeful in our planning so that we arrive prepared mentally and physically for whatever the day has in store for us.


Purposeful planning is



It is amazing how quickly you can go from being on time and on schedule to being completely late . Time can add up when you don’t account for it . Five minutes turns into ten minutes easily ! We often forget to prepare ourselves to be ahead of time and therefore when it gets away from us, it can result in chronic lateness.

And let’s be real…that’s just NOT CUTE.

It’s also not cute when it comes to your work. Forgetting to prepare for a project at school or a presentation takes the awkwardness of being late to a whole other level.

Now it’s messing with your success! Not good.


Consider these 4 things more carefully when planning your day in order to stay on track with deadlines, appointments , and your schedule.




The old ‘ I got stuck in traffic’ but gets old when you consistently arrive to places late. Trade your excuse for preparation. Plan for traffic and then add an additional 10-15 to your average commute time. This way if ( and when) you hit traffic , you will still arrive on time. Even if it’s right on time, it’s better than being late and being rushed.



You can be late for a meeting , but you can also be late with projects and tasks . This creates overwhelm because you have now pressured yourself to create and produce quality work that you can be proud of, with limited time. You have not only limited your time but your also your ability to put out your best work. Creating deadlines allows you to work and plan in reverse. If you plan your work overtime according to a due date , you will be more likely to complete your project or task on time.



Rest and breaks are mandatory for a well balanced day. You can’t run on 100 percent all day and never take time to rest, eat, or disconnect for a moment . This includes your sleep. Set a bedtime to get your full eight hours, plan for that hour lunch, make time to unwind after a full day of work. When you overwhelm your schedule with plans and don’t include down time you are bound to fall behind in your day because you will have to take a break. Breaks are good for balance and keeping your brain sharp.



You can’t remember everything and expecting yourself to do so is a big pressure to take on. You have a ton of things to remember to do as you juggle your multiple hats. Create to do lists and set reminders . Reminders help you remember to not forget. Sound weird but it makes sense. This keeps you timely. I schedule everything from a morning reminder to grab my lunch box out of the ridge before work ( because I used to forget) to email follow ups with clients. Forgetting sucks … reminders are the fail safe.



Remember , good planning is proactive and intentional. Take the time to consider possible internal and external influences on your schedule. This will help you create a realistic timetable that will all but solve your issues with time.

I am honestly rarely late, it’s important to me to be early so I plan to do just that . I understand how stressful and sometimes damaging being late can be so I hope these tips help you overcome that hurdle.



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