3 Things you Must Do To Actualize Your Goals


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One week down -51 more to go . That means 51 weeks filled with the countless opportunities to actuality those goals and dreams we have been thinking bout as of late .Can anyone else feel the opportunity in the air?! If your social media timelines are anything like mine you may notice a perspective split regarding the new year . Every year around this time , of course , people profess and proclaim that this THIS year more than the year previous is THEIR year .

The year they actualize their dreams and become a stronger better version of themselves .

You maybe one of the newly motivated or the recently re- motivated individuals I speak of. Bubbling with excitement and optimism regarding the ways you want to better your life – the mark of a fresh year seems like the natural time to reassess goals , habits , and the people around us . Clean starts right ?

Yes …. and no . There is great inspiration and yet still a bit danger in the new year new me philosophy.

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In other words , it doesn’t just flip on like a switch . It takes time, some struggle, some stumbles, and growth along the way to any great and solid life created . If you were hoping that cutting a few people out of your life and joining the gym was going to actually bring you the “perfect life “

I’m sorry to say – It doesn’t work like that . Life is less of a race to a place of complacency and more of journey and exploration of self .




The old saying goes “ you don’t know what you don’t know “–
Man – that is so true. In the process of BECOMING the best version of yourself, you are going to have to get to know the CURRENT you.You cant fix what you dont know is broken and you cannot utilize strengths and talents that you are not aware you have . Take the time to observe your thoughts and how you speak to yourself. Both your feelings are influenced by a single thought, Seek a deeper level of self awareness . Clarity in life can only be achieved if you have a clear understanding of self.
TIP : Practice non- judgemental observation of self and situation to develop a deeper sense of self awareness. Take time to pause







In a world of a million ways to hack anything – actually having to stick to a process and be PATIENT is no small feat . I hate waiting for anything, even things in the microwave .(ha – i kno, weird. ) One day , while watching the timer count down on a meal I was all to anxious to eat , I found myself practically pressed against my microwave in anticipation. Somehow, I felt like I was watching myself from afar and instantly I knew how silly I was being. I was WAY to impatient at that moment and had to take a serious chill pill. The food had to heat up, and I could not will it to heat up faster just because I wanted it to. I had to wait and let it go through the process. What a great little lesson in patience while heating up leftovers ( which were delicious BTW )

Anyway, looking at this scenario and applying it to life its is easy to see how many times we want to just be “THERE”- already successful, already in love, already married with the “perfect family” , we want it all and we want it now.

But all great things take time to be created and if you think of you life as an entire body of work , then you still have quite a bit of living, learning and growing to go. That is going to include triumph and victory – once you become comfortable with that ; hard times seem less daunting to handle.

Tip : Practice mindfulness and increase patience by making exercising patience a priority throughout your day . Be intentional in being more patient throughout your day by observing how you respond to situations that test this. Note this to yourself – pause to reflect on this moment internally or even through reflection and journaling, Be proud as you BECOME more patient and mindful.


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If you are going through a transitional period and you feel like life is messy; it can be difficult to find the silver lining. The biggest mistake to can make when you are having a difficult time is come out of it without a deeper understanding or some kind of growth. In moments of discomfort, stress, or overwhelm – the ability to step outside of the emotions you feel and LEARN something is vital. This skill PLUS application is the difference between those who bounce back from hardship and excel .
If this new year is your time to start some new habits and kick some old ones to the curb then good for you ! No matter when you decide, making the choice to take ownership of the trajectory of your life is a good decision. If the new year provides you motivation to become inspired and connected to your passion– I am here for it.


I am super passionate about helping you all develop a stronger sense of self and begin to experience happiness and fulfillment in 2017 . To do this I have outlined 2017 as the YEAR OF MINDFULNESS . We will dive head first into topics such as awareness, patience, discipline. You can actually feel better about who you are, inside and out . You can manifest the healthy relationships and experiences you desire. You can learn yourself better than ever before and create the life that you want. Join the exclusive community of individual’s growing and sharing together with the Year Of Mindfulness.
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