3 Powerful TED Talks to Start The Day

As the summer winds down and the days start to cool, everyone , myself included; is feeling the end of year shift. This is the time everyone realizes how close we are to the end of the year and begin to reflect on the 9 months behind us, build on current goals and create new ones as the 2017-year approaches.

Last year , I made a commitment to myself to change the information I absorb on a daily basis, to be intentional about expanding my mind and heart. As much as Scandal and all the Netflix shows ever call to me after a day of work, there is little mind and spirit nurturing content in the shows we end up binge watching. To change this I started to search for online webinars, speakers, and podcasts that I could listen to through out my day.

I will admit, I started off wanting to achieve this goal by reading more—but I found it hard to be consistent with my schedule so I changed my method and went digital . And it totally worked!!


** Don’t be discouraged when you are not hitting your goal the way you planned, reassess and come up with a new strategy**

Periscope and Soundcloud both give me life on daily basis with new streaming and downloadable content from some of my favorite speakers. These platforms are great because I can follow and interact with subject experts. When I find myself looking for new videos by experts and speakers I may not know yet, TED Talks are my jam.

The app sits on the first page of my phone because it is literally always open. The talks posted range from science to phycology and new wonderful ideas that you may be surprised interest you.

The personal development and decision-making categories are my favorite for a quick 10-15 minute source of motivation, especially as I do my makeup and hair in the morning.

Fueling yourself in the morning with knowledge, affirmation, and motivation is key to successful days. Check out three of my favorite TED Talks I discovered last week that truly inspired my day.


Kathyrn Schulz



Shonda Rhimes



Srikumar Rao


How would your day change if you traded 20 minutes of TV for a boost of knowledge and motivation?

Download the free TED Talks app and check out all of the subject matter to choose from! Drop some of your favorite talks in the comments below.


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