Forgiveness is one of those interesting things that you would think would only happen when someone apologies but that is not quite the case. This year I had 2 separate ¬†occurrences in my life where I felt betrayed or hurt by someone that I loved or cared about. And through this time the thing that hurt the most was that they never took the time to apologize fully. Often people can hurt us but the thing that hurts the most is that they seemingly don’t care that they affected you and your life in a negative way. In these moments I can be the hardest let go of the situation and forgive it in order for yourself to move on. We tend to think that people get forgiveness when they have shown that they deserve it or that they really desire it but often when people don’t give the apology that you deserve we harness and hold onto those negative and better emotions and he can eat away at you inside. It is in these times that it is more important than ever to release the negative emotion and forgive them for your own sake so that you can move on and be happy. . It is one of the hardest things to do because when someone breaks your heart you would hope that they would at least try to put it back together for you but since that’s not always the case sometimes you have to amend your own wounds and order for you to get to a place of peace. If you have ever experienced this , I apologize for them. I pray and hope that you find peace and love in your heart in order to move on. Don’t let others and their negative character shape you to be someone you’re not. Don’t let thE Calais and selfish turn you into a better and I’m loving person. The strongest trait you can hold onto is your character in your ability to love and trust even when someone breaks the trust. This is what makes a strong. This is where we find compassion. And that’s how you rise above those who should apologize but may never do so.

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