So many times people decide to be one person in front of others, and another person when they’re by themselves. Characters who you are when no one’s watching. Who you decide to be both in private and public matters. If you’re finding that you’re not reaching your goals as quickly as you think you should be , ask yourself if the work that you put in when you’re alone matches the effort that you put in when others are watching. Do you only work hard and do your best work when others have their eyes on you? Or does your work ethic stem from a personal character that demand your best effort for yourself. When we work harder for others than we do for our self it means that we value their opinion far more than our own. When you value your own character more than the praise and adoration of others you will find that your work ethic for yourself will match if not surpass what you do for others.

Who are you when no one’s watching ? How often do you slack , take advantage, sneak, bend the rules ; when you think no one will know ? Who you choose to be when you think you won’t get caught is the truest reflection of who you are . It reveals your self character and what your true values are versus who you WANT people to SEE you as .

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