Happy Thursday Folks ,

I realized it’s been a bit since I have welcomed my newest followers to my page ! For the newbies and those who have been rocking with me from the beginning Thank you for being apart of my little online family and community of passion filled people out here trying to live their best lives . I figure this is the best time to re-introduce myself and my brand and what my blog is all about.

My name is Marjani . Just a week shy of 27 (libra life ) and I work in marketing . When I’m not working , playing my kittens and cuddling up to my love and am passionately engrossed in all things Personal Development and blogging . I have been blogging (seriously ) for about a year and half . My brand , Becoming you is is a personal development brand that gets down to the real about the journey of becoming your best self.

. Yes, the struggle and all that comes with striving to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. I strive to inspire others to understand who they are and what they truly desire out of life. Live unapologetically and with passion to utilize your gifts and talents. No matter what that gift may be.

. Break bad habits
Master your mindset
Gain confidence in your physical emotional and spiritual self
Experience clarity in your goals and life direction
Outline Hit and execute goals you set to achieve
Become a better stronger and happier version of your current self
Change and form good habits

MarjaniAladin is a lifestyle blog about creating a life you love, One of purpose and passion. But it’s more than that , this is my open letter to myself, to you and the universe –that we have power . And we know there are tools to activating that power. . This blog aims to help you become your best self, walk in your purpose , and thrive through your life’s journey .

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