09.09.17- Healthy problem solving

A conversation can be over before it begins when one or both parties involved brings preconceived notions, attitudes, biases, or even external mood influencers. Mindfulness is all about being present in a moment without judgement or bias towards that experience. That extends to opinions you may disagree with. If you are intentional about removing your judgements against others opinions , you may find it easier to understand a differing viewpoint.  If you precondition your attitude to think someone else’s opinions are silly, unfair, false or offensive; before you hear the argument, your brain will spend the entirety of the conversations searching for things that support that preconceived opinion.


Welcome oppositional ideas as the chance to learn something new, even if its greater insight into the minds of those who dont agree with you. Understanding one another despite our differences is the foundation for compassion.

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