09.07.17- The universe


We all have truths that exist inside of us that we have not yet faced. Secrets, insecurities, and the things that we will wrestle with often remain a secret to us and us alone. And although it’s not necessary to tell everyone everything about you at all times, when we isolate the bad in our lives from others , we tend to also pack it away within ourselves. When there are things that go unresolved and on identified they can manifest in negative ways within our daily lives.This is very manifestation can result in a change of mindset, the way we deal with others, and the decisions that we make. But these defects never go away until we unpack the root cause and deal with them accordingly. The happiness you may be seeking may exist in a world without the weight of your past holding you back, so you have to make the choice whether or not you were going to make that your reality. Ask yourself today, what baggage do I need to unpack in my own life. What things issues haven’t been avoiding dealing with?

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