Be mindful of how you use the energy passed to you. Energy can neither be created or destroyed it can only be transferred– or in this case, channeled. It is so easy to connect being successful with being disciplined but simply being happy requires a level of discipline as well. Discipline of the mind and energy, Our inner voice ( the nagging negative Nancy inside of us all) can get the best of our spirit sometimes . Being above your insecurities and fears can seem overwhelming when you feel like you’re drowning in them .It is important to be mindful enough to examine your thought, mood, and actions . Without this, you can lose ownership of your feelings and your overall state of well being will always be at the mercy of external forces. Discipline of the mind demands that when you are presented with negative energy, situations , or issues ; you channel that energy in a positive or constructive way . We often feel just passing on that energy is the key to staying happy, but sometimes that is not an options. Sometimes you have heavy stuff going on in your life that you can’t pretend just didn’t happen … and these are the times that you can take the good out of a bad moment, switch it up and change it into positive and productive energy. Failure can become the fuel for success. Doubt and Insecurities can be the motivation for ingenuity and unmatched levels of creativity

The weak transfer their negative emotions to others…. passing off the weight to someone else. But the strong, channel that energy and transform it into the building block of their success

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