There is a dangerous pettiness trend going on in our society . We somehow revel in the idea that there is strength and confidence in petty retorts and comments. But the truth is , most people who are going out of there way to be petty and messy towards others are doing so out of their own pain, insecurities and issues that THEY have to deal with .

Lesson #1 : Stay away from THEY. S/o to @djkhalid

Lesson #2 : Don’t become THEY

Yeah , it means exactly what it says . See, it’s super easy to say other people are petty because they are hurting inside . But it’s a whole other thing to look yourself in the face and say …hey you’re in pain , and you’re taking it out on others instead of dealing with your shit . You have to be real with YOU. Be honest with yourself when you feel the need to talk about someone , spread rumors, or make someone feel bad or isolated . Can you step outside of your feelings enough to be real and say , “ I’m being petty – I gotta check myself .”

The truth is we are who we allow ourselves to be and you may think this doesn’t apply to you but it apply to everyone . When we as people get in our feelings we get petty. So take time to step outside of your emotions today and ask yourself what’s really bothering you . There are a million excuses we can make , but the truth is always sitting underneath our excuses waiting for us to face them . Be kind to others …. face what ails you.

Remember : miserable people spread misery . Happy people spread happiness.

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