We all want to grow and change as individuals . And we want it as soon as possible .It is interesting that personal development is one of the few places that people think they can speed through the process and journey of development, yet it’s a concept grasped in other areas of our everyday lives. If you seek to be healthier you know that changes to your diet and exercise routine will gradually change your body , and improve your energy . we accept that this happens over time. You don’t wake up after one day of the gym with a six pack ( although wouldn’t that be wonderful ) . Just like you don’t go to school for one day and become a doctor or engineer . It takes YEARS of schooling . Even a baby must develop over a nine month period before its ready to enter the world .and when things are rushed ..that’s when things get dangerous . Don’t rush your journey in the hopes of speeding things up. Build your habits and journey on something solid.

Things that last take time .

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