When we are out of the comfort of our homes and closest friends most of us stay on our best behavior. We tend to say everything is fine when asked … even when it isn’t. We share our good news and accomplishments, but keep the struggle private …. we even present the BEST of our ideas and virtues because that’s just what you do when you go out in public . We can paint a picture of our lives and who were to others and somehow become fooled by the illusion of perfection. And so we forget to actually dig deep and know ourselves past the character we put on everyday. There is no opportunity to live authentically if you don’t even know that there is more to you than what’s on the surface . Explore yourself…. dive deep into self awareness. Face the ugly truth and beautiful masterpiece that is you , all wrapped up in one. The journey of self is one of self mastery. It is one that gifts you happiness that stretches beyond instances of sadness and trouble. Learn yourself. Know yourself. Master yourself.

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