Think about the last time someone or something has pulled you out of your character . Where you jumped to judgment , anger,jealousy , or harsh words in a moment of emotional hedonic release. You probably said or did something you later regretted, ┬ámade you feel guilty, or ultimately had negative consequences and repercussions. And usually there is a moment ( once you’re calm and you experience a bit of clarity) you wish you could have reacted differently. The good in you aches for an opportunity to redo those moments and hear the rational thoughts you can so clearly hear now . This is a voice that needs to be strengthened . It exists within you at all times but we often push it out of the way when our emotions get overwhelmed. You are powerful and strong enough to keep clear and calm in order to RESPOND to a situation with intention and compassion . Find this voice inside of you . Encourage it to speak louder. And most of all …practice following its advice in the moment .

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