How often do you tell yourself you are proud of you? Do you really have an appreciation for your victories and achievements? So many times we look for validation and support from others to make us feel a sense of worth and accomplishment .Don’t get me wrong, we all want to be appreciated when we succeed in life… it feels nice. But , the trouble sets in when your self worth and sense of confidence begins to rely on the accolades and attention of others. This results in two very dangerous mindset changes and are super damaging to both your purpose and your self Image.


Issue #1-

You begin to live for others instead of yourself. Your choices begin to reflect what gets you the most accolades and appreciation from others. This results in a lack of authenticity and begins to chip away from your self confidence and self trust. If you begin to only put value in the actions or opinions that OTHERS value, you will lose the purpose and point of your journey. More than that, you will increase your self doubt by trusting the opinions of others rather than your own opinion and level of self appreciation


Issue #2-

You will be set off of your true path and may end up missing important lessons and opportunities. You can’t be authentic to your journey and the person you are evolving into if you are following someone else’s path. Grow in your own way, create your own identity by feeling genuinely proud of yourself BEFORE you look for the approval of others. Because receiving that validation is secondary to being and living authentically.


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