Sometimes it can feel like the world is shouting at us. There are a million images and opinions being pushed around us daily tell us who to be ,what to wear, what to believe . It can be frustrating to find your voice within at all. It can seem overwhelming to stand up for what believe you and who you believe that you are. It takes grit ,courage & belief in oneself to quiet the voices around us and the pressures of society to live authentically . Do not discredit the power in living an authentic life. Creating your life and your image to fit the expectations of others is a recipe for depression, low self esteem, and a sure way to fall out of alignment with your purpose. You have to know you have something special inside of you . Only you. And the struggle you tangle with regain to bend to the desired and influences of the world …. the ease to change to fit in with others… is not yours alone . It is a struggle we all deal with daily. Only through awareness and self love does it become easier. Only then will your self confidence free you from the desire to change yourself from others… or at least make it a lot easier to deal with☺️. Stay authentic to who you are .

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