I know it’s hard. I know you’re struggling. I know your dreams seem like they are getting further away instead of closer to your grasp. I understand sometimes you feel lost and uncertain and are tempted to give up on your dreams.

But I’m telling you now …. DONT! Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Don’t stop pushing for the life you want. Because it’s yours to have and achieve. Remember all things require a process and the struggle is not in vain. You are putting the work in before the come up. You are sharpening the sword that is your talent and passion, so it will be in top condition for battle. You are BECOMING the person you need to be to actually be able to handle the life you say you want .

So don’t give up… keep pushing. The only thing quitting will do is ultimately delay your success. Because you can’t push away the desires to be great inside of you…and if you try it creates a hole that you can spend years trying to fill with all the wrong things. So remember that you can do it… and if you feel like you don’t believe in yourself.  Know that I believe in you . And so do others… know your power and amplify it .

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